Functional Aspects and Advantages of Signature Pads

Evolis signature tablets for all your needs

Evolis signature pads use resistive technology (signature captured with a stylus or finger) or ERT technology (pad reacts only to a stylus).

  • The Sig100 Lite, Sig100, and Sig200 models use resistive technology
  • The Sig Activ model uses ERT technology

Main features of the pads:

  • Backlit screen*
  • Extra flat design and smooth surface for a natural signature
  • Signature display in real-time
  • Plug’n Play USB connection**
  • Encrypted data transfer to the computer
  • Stylus connected to the pad with an anti-twist attachment

*except Sig100 LITE
** A driver needs to be installed for Sig Activ, click here to download it


Signature pads combine simplicity and security

They are ideal for:

  • Administrative and government departments: ID documentation, registration forms, etc.
  • Businesses: contracts, staff and visitor management, etc.
  • Banking and insurance: opening accounts, loan agreements, etc.
  • Retail: payment validation, loyalty programs, etc.
  • Health: admission forms, medical reports, etc.
  • Tourism and leisure: registration, arrivals and departures, etc.

Integrate signatures directly onto your cards

Signature pads in conjunction with an Evolis card printer and a computer let you integrate a signature directly into the card design and so increase the level of card security.


Captures signatures accurately and securely

High-definition digitization and natural writing feeling

Recording of biometric data (pressure, speed of writing, and angle) for handwriting analysis.
Completely secure data transfer using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Equipped with a large screen and special coating, Evolis pads offer a natural writing feeling.

The signature is displayed on the screen in real-time with optimized legibility whatever the environment.

Message display

Evolis pads can display text and images.

Users can see the document they’re signing on the Sig 200 and Sig Activ models. In addition, the slideshow feature lets you display advertising messages in color.

Easy to use and Easy to integrate

Compact and slender, Evolis signature pads can be perfectly integrated into any workplace environment and are easily transported.

Linked directly to your computer via a USB port, they are automatically recognized and require no electrical connection.

Integration into your IT systems and existing applications is made easy with complete SDK (Software Development Kit) integration software available for free.

Sustainable investment

Evolis pads are robust because a lot of attention was paid to the materials that go into their construction. Their surfaces are scratch-resistant for a long service life and the 2-year warranty provides you with a long-term investment.


A complete software package

SignoSign/2 software

It is provided as an option, gives users the possibility to instantly create and sign a PDF in a secure way.

With SignoSign/2 you can:

  • Convert all document types to PDF format and sign them with a tablet
  • Create document templates to automate the process of validation by signature
  • Choose the destination of the signed documents: e-mail delivery, automated archive, etc

SignoSign/2 can be very easily integrated into all existing document management systems

SDK (Software Development Kit)

It is provided free as standard, so that Evolis signature tablets can interface with your installed applications

Free tools (SignoImager, SignoIntegrator, etc.)

They capture the signature in the form of an image, so that it can easily be added to documents

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