DLN Technologies Limited is a Zambian company specialised in the supply of PVC card printers, printer accessories as well as providing PVC card printing services.
DLN Technologies is a Zambian company registered on the 14th of November 2014, and wholly owned by Zambian citizens. Our focus on delivering high quality products and service has been our hallmark and has earned us a good reputation among our clients.

Customer Commitment Award (SME)(October 5 2018)

In the Morning i had a speaking engagement at Intercontinental Hotel on ‘The big Boss’ (Customer). In the evening I had a corporate dinner invitation for an awards ceremony by Zambian Chartered Institute of Customer Management.

To my surprise DLN Technologies Ltd won two awards;
1. Customer Commitment Award (SME)
2. Most Customer Focussed Organization: ICT and Technology Services
To crown it I was awarded an individual award; Customer Service Business Leadership Individual Award.

Evolis Performance Award ( 2016)

Growing up in the village herding cattle after graduating from herding goats, by God’s grace 12years later I am an entrepreneur making a difference on the Zambian market.
My day was made great when Fedex visited our company premises to present the Evolis performance award from France in recognition of our business performance in 2016.
I am privileged to be the first Zambian to receive it and the youngest African CEO to be awarded. When I reflect on my entrepreneurial journey, all I can say is- with hard work and divine providence Dreams can come true.

We at DLN Technologies are a proud partner of Evolis, Datacard, Magicard, Zebra Printers, Fargo & ZKTeco these are world renowned manufacturer of high quality PVC Card printers and accessories. As their sole distributors in Zambia we are able to supply their full range of products at an internationally competitive rate as we get our products directly from the manufacturers.


We are best suppliers of PVC card printers in Zambia