Evolis Card Printers

We at DLN Technologies are a proud partner of Evolis, a world renowned manufacturer of high quality PVC Card printers and accessories. As their sole distributors in Zambia we are able to supply their full range of products at an internationally competitive rate as we get our products directly from the manufacturers.

Some of the printers we supply include:


Primacy_profile The Primacy printer comes in two forms, single sided and dual sided. It is the ideal choice for printing and encoding cards in medium and large runs. It can produce up to 225 cards per hour for single sided printing and 140 cards per hour for dual-sided. You can upgrade your printer according to your needs by adding magnetic stripe, contact or contactless chip encoders. The primacy printer is ideal for printing:

Employee badges

Access control badges

Transit passes

Payment cards

Healthcare cards

Student cards

Multi application cards

Event passes












Zenius printers produce professional results thanks to the 300 dpi resolution and edge to edge printing. Your logos, photos, barcodes and text are rendered perfectly on your cards, conveying a positive image of your organization. Zenius was developed specifi cally for printing cards individually or in small runs. You can print as needed, when needed, in quantities that are right for you. Zenius can print a color card in 30 seconds and up to 150 color cards per hour, so you and your customers dont have to wait. Great for:


·         Employee badges

·         Access control badges

·         Membership cards

·         gift cards

·         Transit passes





This is a retransfer printer capable of issuing over 140 cards per hour. Avansia can be used for printing:

·         Corporate ID cards

·         Secure Access Badges

·         Student Cards

·         Payment Cards

·         Loyalty Cards

·         National ID Cards

·         Drivers Licences




The Badgy200 printer generates personalized plastic cards, with professional-quality, edge-to-edge printing. The Badgy200 is installed and used like a standard office printer. You load the cards in the feeder and retrieve them from the output hopper, both located on the front of the printer. The badgy printer is an economical and easy to use printer, producing up to 95 cards per hour. It can be used to print:

·         Staff ID badges

·         Student ID cards

·         Membership cards

·         Loyalty cards

·         Event badges

·         Visitor badges

·         Etc.








The Securion printer is the best solution for personalizing and laminating secure cards at customer-facing counters. It caters to the growing need for security and fraud control and produces cards that will last significantly longer. Securion comes with a color print module and a laminating station, both operating in dual-sided mode. It takes just one pass to print, encode and laminate a secure card.  The Securion printer can produce up to 120 cards for single sided, and up to 105 cards for double sided printing. The securion printer is ideal for printing:

·         National ID cards

·         Drivers licenses

·         Secure access control badges

·         Health insurance cards





Other printers we supply are Core, Elypso,Kiosk,Quantum,Range and Tattoo all under the evolis brand.

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