Fargo Card Printers

DLN Technologies is a proud partner of HID. We supply Fargo card printers as well as printer consumables. We also provide support for the printers we supply.

Some of the printers of this brand we supply include:

Fargo DTC4500e

 dtc4500e-angle ith the FARGO® DTC4500e plastic card printers and encoder, you get professional quality, full-color credentials. Designed for medium-to-large sized organizations, schools, and government institutions looking for reliable, long-term card printing and encoding solutions. The Fargo DTC4500e is great for:

Employee badges

Access control badges

Transit passes

Payment cards

Healthcare cards

Student cards

Multi application cards

Event passes











Mid-level card printer with a modular design that can be upgraded as needed, can be used for:


·         Employee badges

·         Access control badges

·         Membership cards

·         gift cards

·         Transit passes











Standard ID card printer that replaces Fargo DTC1000 printer. Great for producing low-volume ID badges that need mag stripe or smart card security features.·         Corporate ID cards

·         Secure Access Badges

·         Student Cards

·         Payment Cards

·         Loyalty Cards

·         Staff ID Cards




The Fargo HDP5000 card printer uses retransfer printing technology – the most advanced card printer technology available – to produce superior print quality, reliability, durability and security for your ID card printing program. The HDP5000 also features a flexible modular design to easily upgrade to dual-sided printing, lamination and smart card encoding.


·         Staff ID badges

·         Student ID cards

·         Membership cards

·         Loyalty cards

·         Event badges

·         Visitor badges

·         Etc.






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