Issue your financial cards directly in your branches with Evolis card printers.


Issue your financial cards directly in your branches with Evolis card printers.

Evolis systems enable financial institutions to issue a credit or debit card for their customers as soon as they open an account, or to replace a card that has been lost or stolen. This solution gives banks:

  • Greater operational flexibility,
  • A reduction in issuance costs,
  • A faster service for their customers.

Instant Issuance of Personalized Payment Cards

Supplying personalized payment cards directly to users has several advantages for banking institutions, whatever the card type – including cash withdrawal cards, debit cards, credit cards, or prepaid cards.

Improved customer experience:

  • Cards are issued instantly and can be used immediately.
  • Choice of card template with the option to add personal photos.

Increased return on investment:

  • More flexibility compared with centralized issuance
  • No delivery fees
  • Reduction in risks of loss or fraud
  • Maximized revenues thanks to a higher card activation rate


Color sublimation and thermal transfer printers

These printers offer complete personalization of cards on both sides:

  • Sublimation technology lets you print more secure, more exclusive cards that are customized with a photo of the holder, are in color, and have a resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Thanks to thermal transfer technology, you can personalize variable graphic elements in monochrome on your pre-printed cards (card holder name, card number, expiration date, visual cryptogram).
  • You can also personalize the cards electronically (contact or contactless chip and magnetic stripe).

Elypso and Primacy card printers

  • Elypso: Card-by-card personalization for immediate issuance at the counter.
  • Primacy: Automatic and secure loading of cards for more autonomous operation.

Retransfer Printer

This technology enables you to personalize color cards on both sides, with a high-resolution finish that covers the card fully from edge to edge. The printed elements are protected by an additional layer, which guarantees a print durability of up to 3 years.

The Avansia printer provides:

  • A perfect finish in 600 dpi without a white border at the edge of the card
  • Printing on irregular surfaces (near the chip or on the contactless antenna area)
  • Increased flexibility: print new card designs in record time while only holding one stock of blank cards.
  • Customization of the design on request
  • Electrical personalization of cards (contact or contactless chip and magnetic stripe).

Advanced systems for printing in bank branches

In accordance with international banking security recommendations, the Issengo, Privelio, and Privelio XT systems are the latest additions to the Evolis range for the instant printing of payment cards in bank branches. The three systems combines:

  • Ultra-secure communication
  • Physical security
  • Data masking on printer ribbons

Security functions meeting the specific needs of bank branches

Privelio, Privelio XT and Issengo:

  • Embed a new technology, the Kineclipse®, which has been patented by Evolis. The Kineclipse® process, a world premiere on direct-to-card printers, masks any residual sensitive card holder information on the printing ribbon.
  • Can be interfaced via an integrated server, Evolis Mosaic, developed specifically for the new banking line. The server enables the user to drive the printer without connection to a PC installed next to the printing system.

Why choose Evolis card issuance solutions?

Our printers are recognized and chosen by banking organizations for their:

  • Print quality: a professional graphic finish whether for color printing or monochrome personalization.
  • Speed: cards are personalized in a couple of minutes
  • Reliability: French production in a certified ISO 9001 plant
  • Flexibility: depending on your specifications, our team designs your tailor-made solution. Our printing systems can also be quickly adapted on site with the addition of complementary modules.
  • Ease of integration: our systems are already qualified and integrated by countless instant issuance software providers. They will integrate into your management system and are compatible with all the smart card suppliers on the market.


Our range of products is adapted to all types of instant issuance projects:

  • Affordable solutions for instant card issuance.
  • Wide range of options: various encoders, LCD screen, electromechanical locking system, etc.
  • Cloud or local interface for SaaS mode or fully integrated mode
  • Our solutions can be integrated into terminals for “self-service” use.

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