For your projects involving the creation of health insurance cards, DLN Technologies supplies solutions that allow you to instantly produce high-quality, secure health cards.


Physical and visual quality

Evolis guarantees irreproachable quality, both in terms of the card printing and the hardware itself:

  • High-resolution printing in 300 dpi means very fine writing and photo-standard colors can be printed
  • The PVC medium guarantees the sturdiness and longevity of the cards
  • The printers are resistant to all kinds of pressures, such as a high rate of use or extreme climatic or geographical conditions


Highly secure, intelligent health insurance cards

As official documents, health cards must be highly secure and impossible to counterfeit. Evolis works with partners of choice such as Si-1 and Si-2. Together, they fulfill your specifications by creating a customized solution.

Evolis plastic card printers have the following technological capabilities:

  • All encoding technologies can be integrated, allowing the cardholder’s information to be recorded on the card (personal data, insurance, entitlements, etc.)
  • Connects to your existing IT systems and guarantees security and traceability of data

Evolis also offers holographic and lamination ribbons to make the badge even more secure and durable.


Print and issue the card on site

Evolis card printers are reliable and robust while being extremely easy to use. Their compact size means you can use these printers throughout your administration offices. You can provide health insurance cards to citizens on the spot and reduce the costs and risk of transport-related fraud.

The Indian government has pushed the boundaries of decentralization by issuing millions of health cards to citizens, directly in their villages. Officers travel with a computer and a printer in a van equipped with solar batteries, and issue the cards straight into users’ hands.


  • Instant decentralized production
  • Connects seamlessly to existing databases
  • Data security
  • Immaculate print quality



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