Recreation centers offer very different activities, but all have the same concerns: how to ensure maximum comfort for their members or visitors, without restrictions, and at a competitive price. Evolis offers PVC card printers to manage the identification and flow of people, securing spaces, or even paying for activities, using one single medium. 

High-quality in record time

A person’s identity can be printed on the badge: first name, surname, photo, type of access, etc. The cards are printed simply and quickly thanks to the quick and extremely easy to use Evolis card printer.

Evolis printers produce cards in:

  • High definition (300 dpi) with photo-standard
  • Color or black and white
  • Plastic with 3 thicknesses to choose from (0.50, 0.76, or 1 mm)
  • One- or two-sided


RFID technology for access management

Evolis printers can integrate RFID technology, allowing ID cards for members or visitors to provide access to different spaces in your recreation center.

RFID technology enables the rapid movement of people:

  • Opening doors and entry gates: cruise boats, casinos, ski resorts, etc.
  • Opening doors to rooms, sports halls, etc.


A contact smart chip for payments

The card can be used to make payments either as a prepaid card, or through a connection to the cardholder’s bank account for expenses such as drinks at the bar or restaurant, or classes in the fitness studio, for example.


  • Managing and optimizing access
  • Instant photo-quality printing
  • Reliability and durability of the plastic medium
  • Data can be recorded on a contact or contactless chip
  • A card with a range of uses



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