Customer loyalty is an important driver of growth for a business. Opting for decentralized loyalty card printing provides greater independence and responsiveness, and helps increase your turnover.

Loyalty cards: a strategic medium for your brand

Loyalty cards are a strategic medium for customer retention and acquisition.

These cards allow you to:

  • Promote your brand with printed logos or photo-quality graphics
  • Track purchases using various encoding technologies (magnetic strip, contact chip, barcodes, etc.)
  • Offer benefits or promotions in order to ensure customer loyalty and increase the frequency of visits
  • Identify customers by their first name, surname, address, etc.


Personalize your loyalty cards on your retail premises

Using high-quality print engines and their multiple encoding technologies, Evolis loyalty card printers allow personalization on request directly at the point of sale.


Use the card for personalized promotional offers

Rewritable technology allows you to print and wipe a card up to 500 times.  Use the card as a means of communication for special offers, so that each time it goes through the cash register, you can identify your customers’ points balance and the promotional offers that are available to them through the card.


Instant loyalty card printing!

Our printers mean you can provide your customers with loyalty cards that can be used immediately.


  • Highlights brand image
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Customer data recorded
  • Instant card printing for immediate use
  • Barcode printing



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