Transit badges make it easier for users to take public transportation and help transportation companies and agencies control their revenues. Improve quality of service while optimizing efficiency: two challenges met by the DLN Technologies solutions for immediate transit card printing.

Transit badges in card format

A reliable, versatile, and profitable solution

Thanks to the different modes of personalization and their technical characteristics, plastic cards offer a number of advantages both for operators and passengers:

  • Optimizes passenger flows using contactless technology
  • Optimizes services by collecting personal data, allowing greater understanding of service users
  • Limits fraud and theft using graphic and digital personalization
  • Reduces badge replacements due to the sturdy, reliable, and durable medium
  • Transit badge interoperability: a single card can allow travel on several different networks (bus, tram, subway, train, bicycle, etc.)
  • Highlights brand image due to the high-quality, personalized, easily identifiable, and practical medium used


Print on site in just a few seconds

With decentralized production, at a counter or a machine, passengers can obtain their transit badge instantly. This has 2 major advantages:

  • Optimizes costs and reduces delays: the procedures for obtaining cards are simplified for both the user and the operator (no paper forms, no filing, postal delays, or risk of losing cards in transit)
  • Improves service quality and user satisfaction: passengers can use their transit badges immediately, even in the event of loss or theft


Seamless integration into your existing IT systems

Evolis makes a Software Development Kit (SDK) available free of charge for connecting our transit badge printers to the IT systems you have in place. The Evolis technical teams will be by your side throughout the duration of your transit badge projects.


  • Optimizes passenger flows
  • Reduces costs
  • Instant transit badge printing for immediate use
  • Seamless integration into existing IT systems



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