Printing cards and badges
for businesses


Employee ID badge

The main function of company ID badges is to identify employees. The badge can also serve as an access control card, depending on the level of security required.

Visitor Access Cards

When visitors come to your company for a meeting, issuing a visitor badge is a quick and easy way to for them to be immediately identified, which also enhances your company image.

Event badge

One of the central issues in event planning is having a solution to manage the flow of people and access control.

Access control card

Ensure the security of your employees and your facilities with access control badges.

Attendance and time management badge

Are you planning to implement a time and attendance management system in your company or factory? Personalized employee badges with the company branding and a photo of the employee can facilitate this implementation.

Digital signature

Discover the digital signature pads for companies. Increase customer and employee’s satisfaction, save time, cost-saving, environmentally-friendly.


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