School ID cards are intended to identify an elementary, high school, or college student, in order to prove their membership of the school or college. An ID card to identify your students School badges are named and personalized. They can therefore include various features to identify the student: First name, surname Photo Date of birth Grade of studies [...] MORE

Schools and universities are facing more and more paperwork. There is a growing number of paper documents such as ID documents, timesheets, teacher reports, internal rules, forms and so on. Educational institutions need to organize an efficient centralization of these documents by printing, signing, scanning and storing them.  This traditional paper process leads to significant […]

Functional Aspects and Advantages of Signature Pads

Evolis signature tablets for all your needs Evolis signature pads use resistive technology (signature captured with a stylus or finger) or ERT technology (pad reacts only to a stylus). The Sig100 Lite, Sig100, and Sig200 models use resistive technology The Sig Activ model uses ERT technology Main features of the pads: Backlit screen* Extra flat design and smooth surface for a natural […]