Schools and universities are facing more and more paperwork. There is a growing number of paper documents such as ID documents, timesheets, teacher reports, internal rules, forms and so on.

Educational institutions need to organize an efficient centralization of these documents by printing, signing, scanning and storing them.  This traditional paper process leads to significant costs (consumables, printing and sometimes sending) and generates some delays.

Paper document centralization workflow:

digital signature paper document centralization workflow in financial institutions






Electronic handwritten signatures for time and paper savings

With the Evolis Signature pads, all documents are electronically created and the staff and students only have to sign the forms digitally. Documents are filed and stored automatically. Pads are ideal solution to save time and paper for many administrative tasks.

Paperless centralization workflow:

Digital signature paperless centralization workflow





The Evolis signature pads are the best choice for capturing electronic handwritten signatures at teller and counter locations. These reliable devices guarantee a low total cost of ownership (TCO).


Benefits of Evolis electronic Signature pads for education

Save money and time, and focus on the activity

By automating the presentation and signing of documents, schools and universities save money and time. Retrieving any student’s complete file is now instantaneous and simple, while it used to be a very tiresome process. Staff and teachers have now more time to focus on their core activity.

Staff and student’s satisfaction

Procedures are much reduced and Sig pads are easy to use. Therefore satisfaction by all parties is improved.

Go green

In the current society, global-warming is a matter that concerns everyone. By using Evolis sig pads, any school or university are more environmental-friendly by saving a lot of paper and using less consumables.

Increased security

For some confidential or sensitive documents, companies can significantly reduce the risk of fraud by implementing a verification system of electronic signatures using the biometric data captured with an Evolis signature pad. Signature authentication can be performed quickly and securely thanks to the encrypted data transfer between the Evolis signature pad and the PC.

Increased efficiency

The time saved is used in order to take care of the students in a more efficient way. This technology also eliminates the risk of document loss. It is now easier to recall a file.

Long-term investment

The Evolis digital pads are robust. The greatest attention has been paid to the materials from which they are made. Their surface is scratch-resistant for maximum lifetime and the 2-year warranty makes them a long-term investment.

Brand image

The Evolis Digital Signature pads undoubtedly add extra value to the school’s reputation. Schools or universities use an innovative technology that is environmentally aware.


Featured Products:  Evolis Sig100 – Evolis Sig200

  • Backlit display
  • Super slim design and smooth surface for a natural signing experience
  • Real time signature display
  • Plug and Play USB connection
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Strong stylus tether with swivel for ease of use
  • Slide show function to display full monochrome advertisements (Sig100) or color ones (Sig200)


  • Increase staff and student’s satisfaction
  • Save money and time, and focus on the activity
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Increased security

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