A national ID card needs to be durable and counterfeit-proof. Evolis, providers of personalization solutions for cards, will advise and support you in your project to print secure ID cards.

Highly secure ID cards

To combat fraud, Evolis government card printers can produce national ID cards containing the following security measures:

  • A specific design and hologram for guaranteed authenticity
  • Magnetic strip encoding, contact or contactless chip for data security
  • Card lamination with UV finish for card durability

Seamless integration into your IT systems

Working hand in hand with systems integrators such as Oberthur or Gemalto, the Evolis teams fulfill your specifications by creating a customized solution.

To connect the card printers to your IT systems, the Evolis teams offer:

  • Support for integration into your global system (Software Development Kit provided – SDK)
  • Software customization, firmware development, and specific drivers suitable for different environments


Decentralized ID card printing for an immediate result

Evolis ensures its hardware is reliable, robust, and easy to use on a daily basis. Due to the compact size of the government card printers, they can be used in each of your administrative offices.

You can print ID cards for citizens on the spot and limit the cost and risk of transport-related fraud.

Evolis card machines:

  • Create high-quality, secure official documents
  • Provide immaculate print quality which means very fine writing and photo-standard colors can be printed


  • Instant decentralized production
  • Security through hologram and lamination
  • Immaculate print quality
  • Connects seamlessly to existing databases


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