When visitors come to your company for a meeting, issuing a visitor badge is a quick and easy way to for them to be immediately identified, which also enhances your company image. Your employees can simply focus on welcoming visitors, without worrying whether they should be on the premises.

A quick and easy way to identify visitors

Depending on the security level required by your organization, visitor card printing solutions can range from the most basic to the most sophisticated:

  • Generic visitor access cards, pre-printed with the company name, logo, and branding, and the word “Visitor”
  • Visitor badge printed with your branding and the visitor’s photo, first name and surname

Color codes can also be applied for different levels of access, which may involve the need to encode data.


Make savings with rewritable technology

Using Evolis visitor card printers, you can create personalized badges yourself for your visitors as soon as they arrive. The TattooRW rewritable card printer allows you to print on the same card up to 500 times.

So after each visit, you can retrieve the badges from your visitors and reuse them for the next visitors.


  • Brand image and security strengthened
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Cost saving



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