Electronic hand written to save money and limits the risk of errors

Hospitals, clinics and private practices deal with a lot of paperwork: registration documents, consent for treatment plans, medical discharge, invoices…  Patient information must be highly secure, readily accessible, stored for years and comply with government regulatory requirements.

Collecting traditional hand-written signatures from patients at registration and beyond requires the use of paper forms. This implies printing, scanning to the Electronic Medical Record and archiving forms, as well as destroying them at the end of their life cycle (up to 30 years).

This time-consuming process can lead to delays in admissions, potential document losses and high financial costs.

Traditional paper centralization workflow:

Digital signature traditional paper centralization workflow

By implementing an electronic signature system for admission, registration and consent, Healthcare institutions can speed up documentation processes and reduce errors while saving on printing and filing costs.

Paperless centralization workflow:

Digital signature paperless centralization workflow

Evolis signature pads are the best choice for capturing electronic handwritten signatures at the admission desk or at the point of care.
They feel like a traditional ink pen. Patients can read important text on the screen and see their signature in real-time when signing.
These reliable devices guarantee a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensure a Return on Investment in less than 1 year.

Benefits of Evolis electronic Signature pads for Medical Professionals and Patients

Evolis digital signature pads eliminate the financial, productivity and environmental costs of paper forms. It reduces the problems that arise from accumulating patient paper documents: buying paper and consumables, doing the maintenance of printing equipment, buying and storing file cabinets, ensuring record destruction…

Evolis digital signature pads reduce the time spent on handling administration of documents, which means more time devoted to patients, for more patients every day.

They simplify registration process by consolidating electronic forms that require a single signature. All signed documents are digitally archived and available immediately. Recalling a document is easy, speeding up the administration processes as well as compliance audits.
Increased efficiency
Using an Evolis digital signature pad with an electronic medical record system eliminates document loss.
It also ensures data integrity and collection of advanced biometric data for future verification requirements.
Increased patient satisfaction
Evolis digital signature pads streamline the patient admission and registration process. Since it reduces waiting time, it increases patient satisfaction.


Featured Product:  Evolis Sig100

digital signature for healthcare institutions featured product evolis sig100
  • Backlit display
  • Super slim design and smooth surface for natural signing experience
  • Real time signature display
  • Plug and Play USB connection
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Strong stylus tether with swivel for ease of use


  • Reduces cost and patient paper documents
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Improve efficiency
  • Better Communication with state department of health



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