Card Lamination

The Ideal Module for Laminating and Protecting Your Cards

Printing: Single-sided, Double-sided
Encoding: No encoding option
Card lifespan: +3 years
Number of cards per year: More than 30,000
Card security level: Very High

Protect your cards up to 10 years

The CLM is the ideal module to laminate ID cards. The cards made can be used for up to 10 years1 and are extremely difficult to forge.


Two issuance modes to choose to laminate your cards

Associated with the Primacy card printer

Developed by Evolis, the CLM (Card Lamination Module) is associated with the Evolis Primacy printer and is an all-in-one system for printing, encoding, and laminating cards that need to be secure and/or protected.

In standalone mode

The CLM can also operate in standalone mode and with card-to-card insertion. You can secure and/or protect cards préviously printed in D2T2 with any printing system.


The CLM is a versatile offer to target applications like:

  • Secure employee badges,
  • Driver’s licenses,
  • Resident cards,
  • Military or police ID badges,
  • Airport access control badges,
  • Social security cards.

1 Under specific conditions


Easy to use

The CLM module is easy to use and can be used in a standalone mode or associated with a Primacy card printer.


The CLM also connects directly to a PC (in standalone mode) via an USB cable. The films are installed intuitively and all the laminates are automatically recognized by CLM and Primacy.

In a standalone mode

The CLM connects directly to a PC via an USB cable. It is automatically recognized and operated by the computer.

With a Primacy card printer

The CLM is connected to the Primacy printer through infrared, forming a single system. There is no need to replace your printer. It can easily be equipped with a lamination station2.

Plug & play consumables

The installation of the ribbons is really intuitive and all laminates are automatically recognized by the CLM and Primacy :

  • ribbons are made with colors mandrels
  • a sound is clearly audible when you plug the ribbon
  • laminates are automatically recognized thanks to RFID chip

Wide choice of laminates

Evolis has a wide range of patches and laminates, with or without holograms. All of our patches and varnishes are high capacity and offer great system autonomy:

  • Single-sided lamination
  • Dual-sided lamination
  • Lamination with generic or specific holograms
  • Lamination with cut out for:
    • smart contact card
    • magnetic stripe card

Our team can develop personalized laminates on demand and as part of a specific project.


Productivity assured

CLM and Primacy encode the cards (magnetic stripe, contact or contactless smart cards), print them in D2T2, and laminate them in single or double side in a single session.

The printing and lamination modules work in parallel and produce up to 215 printed and laminated single-sided cards or 110 double-sided cards per hour.

2 All Primacy printers with a serial number greater than 10000295187 can accomodate the CLM



General Features

  • Single- or double-sided lamination
  • Standard built-in card flattener
  • Operates while connected to Primacy2 or in standalone mode

Lamination Performances1

  • Single-side: up to 215 cards/hour
  • Double-side: up to 110 cards/hour

Card Management and Specifications

  • Feeder capacity (from Primacy): 100 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)
  • Output hopper capacity: 100 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)
  • Reject tray capacity (from Primacy): 100 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)
  • Manual card insertion in standalone mode
  • Card thickness: 0.76 mm (30 mil)
  • Card types: PVC cards, composite PVC cards, PET cards, polycarbonate cards, special varnished cards
  • Card format: ISO CR80 – ISO 7810 (53.98 mm x 85.60 mm)


  • Infrared (no cable): connection kit with Primacy included
  • USB for the CLM in standalone mode (USB cable not provided – reference A5017)


Support for Kensington® security lock


  • LED printer
  • Graphical notifications: cleaning alerts, empty/low level ribbon, etc
  • LCD screen as an option3

Evolis High Trust® Films

To maximize the quality and durability of printed cards, the lifespan of the print head and lamination module reliability, use Evolis High Trust® films.

  • Automatic identification and setting
  • Color matching for easy installation
  • Available films:
    • Clear patch (0.5 ou 1.0 mil): 600 sides / roll
    • Holographic Patch (0.6 ou 1.0 mil): 600 sides / roll
    • Patch cut out contact chip (0.5 ou 1 mil): 600 sides / roll
    • Alternate clear patch 1.0 mil (full / mag cut): 600 sides / roll
    • Alternate clear patch 1.0 mil (smart cut / full): 600 sides / roll
    • Alternate clear patch 1.0 mil (smart cut / mag out): 600 sides / roll
    • Clear varnish: 1200 sides / roll
    • Continuous holographic varnish: 1200 sides / roll
    • Registered holographic varnish: 1200 sides / roll
    • Other films upon request

A list of all of lamination films can be found on


  • Installation of a second Card Lamination Module (CLM) to
  • laminate both sides of the card with two different films3


Evolis Premium Suite®

Certifications and Statement of Compliance

  • RoHS

Size and Weight

  • CLM :
    • Size (H x W x D): 269 x 205 x 370 mm (10.59’’ x 8.07’’ x 14.56’’)
    • Weight: 6 kg (13.22 lbs)
  • With Primacy :
    • Size (H x W x D): 269 x 205 x 753 mm (10.59’’ x 8.07’’ x 29.64’’)
    • Weight: 10 kg (22.04 lbs)


  • 3-year warranty
  • Warranty extension available as an option


1/ Under specific conditions /2 All Primacy printers with a serial number greater than 10000295187 can accomodate the CLM /3 Not available in standalone mode / 4 Warranty subject to observance of specific conditions and use of Evolis High Trust® films



Part number Description
S10212 CARD LAMINATION MODULE (CLM). For Stand Alone use, order USB cable (ref A5017)
S10252 CARD LAMINATION MODULE (CLM) with LCD – Works only associated to Primacy