Edikio: Solutions for Printing Plastic Price Tags

  • Edikio Access, Flex, and Duplex
  • Three different software versions (Lite, Standard, and Pro)
  • Monochrome ribbon and black plastic cards
  • Large range of dedicated accessories

Edikio: Our all-in-one solutions for printing your own price tags

Specially designed to meet the needs of all types of businesses, ranging from bakeries to fishmongers, from SMEs to large corporations, the Edikio range of solutions makes creating your own attractive price tags quick, effective, and affordable.

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Dedicated professional software

There are three versions of the Edikio software to satisfy all possible demands (Lite, Standard, and Pro versions). Every version means you can customize your price tags by adding your product information, your logo, and your chosen font.

To make it easier to create and print your price tags, every version comes with:

  • Label templates suited to your business and easily customizable
  • library of more than 200 images
  • An exclusive chalkboard-style font
  • The option to import product information directly from an Excel file to the card
Edikio software

Maximize the profitability of your investment by printing all your cards yourself

As well as creating price tags, our solutions can also print badges and other cards connected to your business – all it takes is a simple change of consumables.

  • Loyalty cards
  • Gift cards
  • Employee badges
  • Visitor badges
  • Event invitations
  • Promotional messages, and much more
Edikio Accessories

A solution complemented by a wide range of accessories

The Edikio range includes various price tag holders adapted to fit standard displays. Whether narrow or wide, magnetic, on stands or on spikes, or capable of holding two cards at once, our price tag holders are always specific to your business (butchers, caterers, fishmongers, and more).

  • narrow price sticks
  • wide price sticks
  • magnetic price tag stands
  • price tag clips
  • price tag stands
  • promotional stickers + attachments

Personalized price tags with a difference

  1. Save time

  • Maximum flexibility and responsiveness: print your tags on demand, directly at your point of sale, and benefit from up-to-date labeling in real time.
  • Independence: free yourself from set delivery times and minimum order restrictions imposed by your label suppliers.
  1. Create a stronger brand image

  • Unique labels: personalize your price tags by adding your logo and your choice of graphic features to stand out from your competitors.
  • Professional-looking displays: create harmony across all your shelves and spark customer interest with attractive labels.
  • Clear and legible communication with black labels printed in white with a slate finish.
  1. Edikio allows you to display multiple information on price tags

    Ensure visibility, hygiene

  • Ideal dimensions: the credit card format does not cover your products on the display stands. The long card format gives you more space for more information on your price tags and offers greater readability to suit specific needs, for example in bakeries.
  • Hygienic and resistant: very easy to clean, PVC cards can withstand cold and moisture.
  • Evolis offers a whole range of consumables and accessories dedicated for use in the food industry*
  1. Edikio allows you to display multiple information on price tags

    Compliance with applicable regulations

Display all the information concerning your products, including:

  • Product name
  • Price and unit of measurement
  • Allergens
  • Origin of meat
  • For fish: the scientific name, production method, fishing area and sub-area, and fishing gear used

Visit the Edikio website

* Detailed information and list of references available at edikio.com

Find the Edikio solution that’s right for your needs

There are three different versions of our Edikio all-in-one solution for printing price tags.

Edikio : all-in-one solutions

Edikio Access, the most affordable solution for single-sided price tags:

  • A compact tag printer (fits on an A4 sheet of paper)
  • Edikio software – Lite edition
    • 100 black PVC cards in credit card format
    • 1 white monochrome ribbon with 500 print capacity

Edikio Flexthe flexible solution for tags on standard or long cards:

  • A flexible tag printer (price tags in credit card or long card formats)
  • Edikio software – Standard edition
    • 200 black PVC cards (100 in credit card format and 100 in long format)

Edikio Duplex, the advanced solution for double-sided tags:

  • A tag printer for double-sided printing
  • Edikio software – Pro edition
    • 200 black PVC cards in credit card format
    • 1 white monochrome ribbon with 1,000 print capacity (i.e. 500 double-sided tags)

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