Evolis Premium SDK (Software Development Kit)

  • A time-saver for developers
  • A user-friendly experience
  • A boost in corporate efficiency.

Manage Evolis printers from your own applications

The Premium SDK (Software Development Kit) allows the latest generation of Evolis printers to be fully managed from your own applications.

The Premium SDK, available through the Evolis Premium Suite, monitors your printers, whether standalone or networked, to provide best-of breed integration within your existing infrastructure.

Leveraging the Premium SDK, your applications can:

  • Ensure full-fledged and simple communications with the Evolis printers:
    • Trigger a printing job (monochrome, color, single or dual-sided…
    • Configure a printer
    • Encode a card
  • Ensure real-time status notifications (printer and consumables) through the supervision service and visual alerts :
    • Printer ready, on standby, busy…
    • Low card level, card feeder to be stacked up, ribbon to be replaced, cleaning required…

The Premium SDK manages:

  • A printer linked via USB and Ethernet
  • A group of printers, across a network or via the Cloud
the printers range compatible with premium SDK

Supported  printers:
• Evolis Zenius
• Evolis Primacy
• Evolis Elypso
• Evolis Apteo
• Evolis KC200
• Evolis KC200B
• Evolis KM500B
• Evolis KM2000B

A simple and powerful tool

The Premium SDK, an efficient and user-oriented solution, it removes the complexity from producing cards and managing your base of printers. It offers:

  • Numerous integration options with existing systems
  • Intuitive printer operations, with user interaction when a maintenance task is required. Easy maintenance avoids wasting time between two printing jobs.
  • Getting started made easy for developers. Start printing cards with minimum development workload:
    • Consistency: calling a method is consistent across all programming languages.
    • Simplified command sending : the widespread and easy-to-use JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol makes it possible to design a request using minimum code and with no dependencies.

Based on the Evolis Premium Suite

The Evolis Premium Suite, a full-fledge software platform for managing and monitoring printers, provides an enhanced user experience and makes user-machine interactions more intuitive.

the Evolis Premium Suite, a full-fledge software platform for managing and monitoring printers

Most features offered by the Evolis Premium Suite can be controlled from the Premium SDK.

Evolis Premium Suite – Highlights:

  • A print center for monitoring printers and gaining visibility on the printer status: remaining ribbon capacity…
  • A powerful confi guration tool for printers
  • A notifi cation center, for alerting users when an intervention is necessary
  • An administration and maintenance platform for printers
  • Wizards to guide users in performing cleaning, encoding…
  • An encoding station (magnetic…)
  • A troubleshooting tool and a SDK for large projects and systems integrators

Relevant resources for getting started easily

premium SDK icone

The Premium SDK serves developers willing to communicate with one or many Evolis printers from their own software environment, while leveraging the Evolis Premium Suite key features.

Several resources are made available:

  • A quick start guide (first step)
  • A clear and short programming reference guide
  • A print settings guide (PrintSettingsGuide.pdf)
  • Code samples for common programming languages
    (C#, C++, Python, VB.Net et Java), for:

    • Connecting to the ESPF (Evolis Service Provider Framework) server
    • Sending a request (encode, print in single or dual-sided mode, in color or monochrome…)
    • Reading and interpreting the server’s response
  • A set of requests (in .txt format) for the most common use cases
  • A command line tool, for testing requests to be sent (ESPF request tool)
  • A demo program in C# for getting started with the Premium SDK, through sending simple request using existing code samples.
  • A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Technical requirements

• Development languages:
any type of language supporting TCP/IP socket communication
(C, C#, C++, VB.Net, Java, Delphi, PHP, Python…)

• Operating systems:
• Evolis Premium Suite host computer: Windows® XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 & 10
• Premium SDK clients: any operating system (Windows®, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android…)

SDK 2 et Premium SDK

The Premium SDK is not a replacement for the SDK 2*, which remains available for download, compatible with all Evolis printers and is supported and maintained by Evolis.
If your installed printer base is managed using the Evolis SDK 2, you may choose to keep your current configuration.
Migration from the SDK 2 to the Premium SDK is recommended for the latest generation of Evolis printers, and if you would like to benefit from the features offered by the Evolis Premium Suite (in particular the supervision service).
For advice and assistance on how to customize your specific application, please contact Evolis Services.

*SDK 2 refers to the SDK 2.1 and above (2.x)

migration from the SDK 2 to the Premium SDK is recommended for the latest generation of evolis printers

Other printers and signature pads

A software development Kit (SDK)  is available for free on demand for the Avansia and Core printers as well as for signature pads.